G-Box Family

Very few products offer benefits beyond its material capabilities. Yet, this is exactly what the G-Box MX2 delivers in the form of Android XBMC synthesis to create a streamlined user experience.

The brainchild of Matricom’s top Android developers and XBMC experts, the Android XBMC G-Box has been fitted with precision-tuned firmware capable of top tier performance capabilities, with HD audio quality paired with easy 1080p viewing. For people looking for a more interactive source of entertainment, the G-Box also features full access to the Google Play Store giving users a free choice in their game and app preference – all from a user-friendly interface.

We like to let our products speak for themselves. The G-Box was such a hit with the users that it has become the number one bestselling Android media player on Amazon!

The G-Box Family

Purchasing the G-Box does not only guarantee you the best Android hardware around. You’ll also be welcomed into one of the most vibrant and helpful online communities around as you join the numbers of over half a million G-Box users to discuss your experiences and troubles. If the family isn’t enough, our dedicated and experienced staff are ready to tackle your technical needs. With your purchase, you gain security and company.

We also keep all our customers in mind when we make our product, aiming to keep production costs at a minimum so that we can price our product as aggressively as possible. At $97 per unit, we believe we’ve achieved the perfect balance of customer satisfaction and product quality at an affordable cost.

With advantages in and out of the product packaging, it is clear why the G-Box is the popular Android TV box choice across the world. Purchasing the G-Box is more than just a guarantee of quality entertainment; it is a promise of round the clock support from enthusiastic users and dedicated specialists alike. Get your G-Box now, a lot more than a fancy box awaits.